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It’s Embarrassing

–even in the anonymity of the blogosphere–that I haven’t been here in so long!

I could make a million (and three) excuses … but I won’t.  We moms all know them all by heart.

It’s not that I’ve already said all I wanted to–not by a long shot.  But in yet another area of my life, I need a little direction and discipline.

So, fellow bloggers, tell me how you got started, and how your blog has morphed into what it is today, if you would.  Please?


Molly :)


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I recently wrote about the importance of choosing your kids’ village (it’s linked here if you haven’t had a chance to read it yet).  It’s something I get a little weird passionate about sometimes.  But I know each of our kids has adults in their lives with whom they can (and do!) interact often.

And there’s a corollary.  It doesn’t have a precise title yet, but it has to do with being the right kind of adult in those relationships too.  Being a person of character and responsibility.  Which brings me to my purpose here today.  I’m writing to invite you to make a difference in someone’s life.  Sometime.

My friend Becca has organized a continuous chest compression CPR class for Saturday July 16 in Tucson.  Details are here.  The Red Cross recommends individuals take CPR classes every two years and refresh with online courses in the interim.  It’s been longer than that for me.  How about you?

Her story is one that still, two years out, gives me goosebumps.  It was her pool, her friend’s son.  It is here.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget the first time I heard it.

Please consider this your invitation, and come if you can.  Becca has offered to help arrange carpools if you contact her.  Becca(at)Ourcrazyboys(dot)com.  Especially if you’re a pool owner.  Or spend a lot of time in or near a pool in the summertime.

Molly :)

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Kermit has been one of my favorites for years now.

Twenty-some years ago when he and I were newlyweds facing car trouble far from home it wasn’t easy being green: do we fix it here and continue our trip? leave it here to be fixed, rent something and go on? or just punt and go home? We chose the rent and go on option, though we had to shorten the original summer-long trip up the west coast because of the added expense. Missed a friend’s wedding, but spent time with my grandma. Good choice, looking back.

You’d think after this many years, I’d be less green.

Some days seem that way. Others, not so much.

Maybe life isn’t as linear as I’d thought. More like a spiral, and sometimes we get the same lessons in slightly different variations and not having it all together is how it is supposed to be.

Different shades of green, perhaps?

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May. ‘Nuff said.

Guilty as charged.  I’ve been ignoring neglecting my blog lately.

Haven’t always enjoyed the living lately.  It’s May, and I’m a middle school librarian.  Busy doesn’t seem to quite convey the just-barely-controlled nature of the chaos.  I’m open to suggestions if you have a better word than busy.

I have been thinking though.  And almost have a post ready.

And I promise to be blogging more this summer.

Whatever your summer break holds, enjoy!

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that my button and my usual at Starbucks have such a similar color scheme.  Subconscious, maybe, but not accidental. ;)

Had to smile when I noticed it, thanks to the freebie posted on Facebook for Earth Day tomorrow. :)

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Mr. Fix-It and the Munchkins got it right this year.  Just enough recognition of my recent milestone birthday.  No surprise parties, no black balloons, just a quiet dinner at home, with a yummy carrot cake for dessert … and oh yeah.

the perfect present.

my Kindle.  [hear that, Munchkins??!  Mom’s.]  It looks a lot like this one:

I didn’t notice until I posted it what’s on the screen.  Fits.  Everything begins with a story.

I’m more excited about it than I thought I’d be.  I thought I wanted an iPad because e-reading and playing on Facebook could be done on the same device, but as it turns out, I’m glad my Kindle isn’t backlit.  I still need the nifty reading lamp they got me a few years ago for a different holiday or birthday (I don’t remember which.)  And it’s so portable!  Just grab and go.

It’s already got more on it than I’ll get read in six months, but it’s so nice to know that if I finish a book while I’m waiting on my oil to be changed, I can just start something new.  Maybe even in a completely different genre.

Good friends [maybe …I might also go broke!] have already suggested a couple of nifty sites for free/cheap e-books in addition to the classics Amazon offers.  Check them out if you haven’t already.  Do you know of others?  Link them in the comments.

The Frugal eReader

Pixel of Ink

Are you an e-reader?  Where is your e-bookmark right now?  Let me know in comments.

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Hello world!

“Molly McCoy”

I’ve always loved the alliteration, the Irishness, and how good it would look in my lefty handwriting in kelly green sharpie inside the front cover of a freshly published book. And told my husband that if I ever penned that Great American Novel I wouldn’t need a pen name, I’d just use my maiden name.

This obviously isn’t my Great American Novel, but you never know.  It’s seeds may show up here.

I feel like a bit of a latecomer to the world of blogging, but now is the time.  Over the last few months as I’ve faced THAT milestone birthday and realized that the end is closer than the beginning, it’s become more and more important to finish well.  I’ve written in a journal off and on for years (mostly off, lately), and it’s time to bring it into the 21st Century.  Today is THAT milestone birthday, and my gift to me is the blog.  With many thanks and much love to Becca at Our Crazy Boys, and the gals with whom I sat at Ben’s Bells for Mom it Forward in Tucson in March.  If it weren’t for Becca’s encouragement, I probably wouldn’t be here today–and I KNOW my header wouldn’t look so good.  And my Mom it Forward table girlfriends (you know who you are) persuaded me that maybe I would have something worth saying.

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